Insularity and Identity: The 2013 AASA Survey

Writing as the Wasp-ish half of a Scottish-Taiwanese couple living in Edinburgh

The Stripes


In an article in TheDaily Princetonian back in November, Ben Dinovelli wrote about “forgetting” his Asian identity. As a person of Asian descent adopted by White parents in the US, Dinovelli talks about how integration into campus culture is difficult because he feels the need to either embrace his Asian heritage or be part of a larger White society at Princeton. He seems to feel as if he is an outsider to both cultures and is actively trying to decide in which culture he’d be more comfortable. Dinovelli is dealing with a question that Asian Americans on campus often have: how does being an active member of the Asian community at Princeton affect you?

A survey that the Asian American Students Association (AASA) sent out this past fall may answer this question. The five core questions of the survey solicited perspectives on the cohesion of the Asian American community…

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