Covert Mass Arrests Have Begun Including Banksters and Corporate Criminals

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Jade Helm: Inter agency training for bankster mass arrests?

Published on Mar 31, 2015

Could Jade Helm actually be inter agency training for bankster mass arrests?

Worst Nightmare Coming in 2015? FEMA Camps are Here & We’re on The Verge of Chaos

Published on Dec 8, 2014

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FEMA evacuation document:
UN Arms Treaty:
Foreign Minister’s 500 days to climate chaos statement:
Emergency Alert on TV:

Emergency Alert on phones: A Great Evil Is Coming Our Way and Something Big Is Going Down Soon: Emergency Red Alert Tests Being Issued, Media Blackouts Trial Runs, Terrorist Threats Increasing, Banker Suicides Continue and More…
Public Health Service Act (42 US Code 264):

and full document:

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Montrealers march to commemorate Armenian genocide

In memoriam. And still more genocides ever since, and even now as we speak!!!

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: Montreal politicians marched with an estimated 10,000 people to honour 1.5 million victims killed in the 1915 Armenian genocide. Global’s Billy Shields has more.

WESTMOUNT – A group of Montreal politicians marched with an estimated 10,000 people in honour of the 1.5 million victims killed in the 1915 Armenian genocide.

The march was a show of solidarity against all forms of genocide and crimes against humanity, organizers said.

The Montreal area is home to about 20,000 people of Armenian descent — almost half the Canadian total.

One of the Armenian-Canadians whose family came here following the genocide was Harout Chitilian, the vice…

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Something is rotten in the Denver airport (13 Photos)



Finally, let’s return to those bunkers. The photo above is a blueprint of 5 buildings that were mysteriously buried during the early days of construction on the Denver Airport. These five large buildings were fully constructed and subsequently deemed to have been ‘positioned incorrectly.’

Rather than being demolished, the buildings were ordered to be buried, yes buried. The ‘underground bases’, as they are referred, are currently being used as “storage” according to airport authorities. This fact is not debated. We already know there is an underground structure beneath the airport. The real question is how deep the worm hole goes. We may never know…

UPDATE BY LEO: President Obama was in Denver Sept 27th last year when Comet Elenin passed by the earth, “barely missing” us by 22 miles. Some say, that if the comet would have struck earth, it’s back to the stone-age for us. Nonetheless, their was…

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Monsanto Declared Worst Company of 2011

Political Vel Craft

It is truly a revolutionary time in the fight against GMOs and Monsanto. Following the enormous success of an article entitled Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields receiving over 80,000 shares, we awarded Monsanto with the Worst Company of 2011 award. After releasing the article to over 5,500 mainstream publications nationwide, it wasn’t long before top mainstream media outlets began hosting the article that openly discusses the many ways in which Monsanto is threatening your health as well as the environment.

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